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Sometimes home is just someone holding you close when you need it the most.
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A few days ago, a user on Reddit shared this image along with the description below. And we just had to share it with you:

"Heading home on the Q train yesterday when this young African American guy nods off on the shoulder of a Jewish man. The man doesn’t move a muscle, just lets him stay there. After a minute, I asked the man if he wanted me to wake the kid up, but he shook his head and responded, ‘He must have had a long day, let him sleep. We’ve all been there, right?’

He was still sleeping soundly when I got off the train 20 minutes later.

It was a small gesture, but a kind one. I love New Yorkers!”

What a wonderful reminder that every moment is a chance to do something good for another person. And not only that, but inspire the others around us with our small but powerful actions.

~ Tom Retterbush with — Andrew Craig.








10 Grooms Blown Away By Their Beautiful Brides

I just love this so much. I’m totally going to be one of these guys one day.

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This is one pair of campus style high-top ankle walking shoes.Compared with prom shoes, this is simple but wear  comfortable.

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